About Me...

Hi! I'm Dorky (she/he/they). I'm an independent artist, who does a lot of things. I mainly experiement with 2d digital art and animation, as well as do game dev, and compose music.

I'm a pretty curious fellow so I just kinda let my interest run wild and have the habit of picking up new things, and seeing how far I can go with using what I learned to make more stuff.

What's this website is for?

It's a personal but fun little central hub dedicated to all the projects and ideas I'm doing over the years of just experimenting with stuff. To me it's very important to have a lil space online for myself that isn't just a profile and then my posts.
I wanted a place for me to post my own art, stories and etc. without having to worry too much about trying to fit it in the formats and ways that a lot of social media only take normally. It's both an outlet of expression for me as well as a place for me to expand on the ideas I've been having for the longest time and a place to point at and say "lookie I made something pretty cool! c:""

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