Terms of Service


  • Customer agrees to pay the due amount upfront for any orders of value lower or equal to $20.
  • On orders above $20 customer agrees to pay half the invoice total upfront. The other half has to be paid on approval of the initial sketch.
  • Any other payment schedule has to be mutually agreed before work on the Product commences.
  • Customer accepts that work on the Product will not commence until payment has been received by Seller according to the above schedule.
  • Certain types of work do not allow for a split payment. In such cases customer will be informed about this and will be asked to agree on a different payment schedule, before any work can commence.

Personal and Commercial Use

  • The Product received by Customer is for personal use. Any use of the Product for commercial purposes, reselling it, reproduction or publishing for reasons other than personal purposes has to be approved beforehand by the Seller. This will require a separate agreement between Customer and Seller defining exact conditions and financial implications of such use of the Product.
  • If you would like to
  • The Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. Try Me, bitch.