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This is my place of personal importance on the web! I put a lot of stuff on here. Specifically art stuff. If you wanna see what I'm up to, check out my STUFF! If you wanna commission me or contact me for my art, check out my CONTACT page.

If you're here to explore, then have fun! Relax! Go visit my art gallery, go to the beach, or listen to my music (if you want)!

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9/22/22 Cascading into Place News Post
5/12/22 Updated the Art Gallery Small Update
4/16/22 Late New Year...! News Post
11/21/21 Site Redesign! / The Art Gallery! News Post
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The Tumbl Blog: Now available for Viewing!

  A repurposed tumblr art blog turned into just a regular-ish blog! I figured I might as well get some use out of tumblr still! Here lies random, long thoughts and such about various topics, some of which are art n making things related, and some of which aren’t! Honestly hopefully most is me talking about a random ass things I like.

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