It’s been a while since I’ve updated mainly because I’ve been busy being a Judge in the OCT (Original Character Tournament) Chop 2 the Top, aka, Chop to the Top: Season Two (Here’s the twitter if you’re curious.)... and also because I’ve been taking time to figure out stuff in my head. Which has been, a lot.

My birthday past and I’ve been feeling a bit stuck lately, especially since the more of an older adult I’ve become the more confused I’ve also become about what I wanna do with my time...

Anyway, Updates!

  • The Art Gallery has new art pieces!
  • The Tunes Room is... still under construction, but has a music player! (Blamscamp is pretty cool!)
  • The Underbelly Beach has updated a bit.
  • Changed the entire way how my pages organized and also did some edits to my css a bit.
  • Added a link to my old Tumblr Art blog bc I plan on just using to talk about whatever when I’m too lazy to do things in html, and also cause I just wanna get a use out of it and an excuse to use the blog subdomain.

Things that are coming soon!

(or at least things I know I want to do at some point in the near  future.)

  • A page for tutorials! I realize that some of the stuff I’ve been doing with Tyranobuilder and Clip Studio Paint is neat and I wanna share the knowledge on how I do things...! (It might be useful to someone!)
  • A page dedicated to my Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Island... and maybe also one for my New Leaf  Town as well since it has a bit of a history that connects to my island.
  • More updates to the Art Gallery, mainly new sections of it and the Theater getting an upgrade.
  • The Tunes Room finally being properly set up lol.

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