I finally did it! It took me all this time but I finally did what I always wanted to do! Make a website of my own!

Now here comes the tricky part:
Putting stuff on this thing.

The stuff page is probably gonna take a long time to be complete, but I'm absolutely excited to finally have a space of my own to PUT stuff on, including things like interactive comics (more on that sometime later) and my music, and little things all in one place.

I'm fairly new to messing around with website making, and while it's been hard it's also been a lot of fun so while it will be tricky... I think at least I'll learn a lot as I go!I could absolutely go wild and experiment some more!

I hope this marks the start of something great!

...And even if it's not so great and genuinely a mess... at the very least this will be something I made. And I'm proud of that fact!

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