Hi again. Been awhile. I got really busy (and sick) between the months but I did do some stuff for the site recently and for some fun reasons too.

You might have noticed a strange moon floating above in the sky on my stuff page...  Spoiler alert: It leads to my Cascade Cabaret page!

It’s a whole little mini site dedicated to my work done for Cascade Cabaret Original Character Tournament (Season 2) back in 2019/2020! I didn’t want my stuff to just rot on my somewhat abandoned dA page, and for the links to the games I did to be more available for people to grab and see.

This will also be the place where I put my (potential) games and things for season 3! So if you’re curious you might wanna check it out!

Other things going on:

  • Update to the Gallery with new art! There’s a renovation done to the theater and the bathroom has been added. There was going to be more to this, but unfortunately part of the code got a little corrupted and I didn’t have a proper backup for said part. Gonna be working on that a bit later.
  • Started work on the Animal Crossing Page but it’s heavily under construction if you see them. I still need to get proper pictures of my towns and I’ve been kinda lazy about it lmao.

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