About the Comic

Traveler's End is a dark comedy interactive webcomic about the daily lives of clowns living on a bunch of floating islands at the edge of the universe. It's a comic intended to be funny and fun (it contains clowns after all), but also having a tinge bit of horror elements into it as well.

It focuses mainly on the fairly new ringmaster, David "Davey" Barnaby, and his adjustment to living and managing a circus well beyond the realm of what he knew as reality. It also focuses on exploring the lives of the other performers as well, such as Ghaul, for example. the clown that could eat anything and runs the circus' Museum of Oddities, or Betty Dupe, the acrobat that's literally anywhere and potentially everywhere as a hiveminded individual, or even a guy with a lot of puppets!.... Like a lot of them!

The comic is made in Tyranobuilder/Tyranoscript, a visual novel engine, and is made to semi-resemble a flash comic, except the big difference being that it's an html5 comic due to flash being dead now.

In theory this means that it also should work on mobile devices but at the moment that remains untested!