Support a Dork (please)!

Wanna support my art in the money kind of way? There's plenty of ways to achieve that!

Consider buying me a ko-fi? I need the energy.

Fancy a funny little drawing of your ocs or want to have me make a funny tune? Why not purchase a piece of artwork, custom for you!?

If you wanna be apart of the little parade I have up on the marquee in the front of the site, or if you wanna support me via long-term I have both a PATREON and a KO-FI Membership page.

It's $15 per month for the parade spot, included is your own personal little parader for safe keeping which you get to keep forever as your lil guy. I also put secret stuff on there that nobody else gets to see, as well as stuff that people also do get to see, but much earlier.

So if you're interested in any of that, they're there if you want it.

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